Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lawyers in Brampton

I have recently seen on Google that many people are searching for lawyers in Brampton in Ontario (Canada) and seem to have difficulties finding a proper list of them, so i thought i would help you in your search quest! So here is a list of lawyers in Brampton. I cannot unfortunately provide you with their phone contact details, but you can find links on my website that will guide you to their contact information.

William R. Gilmour
Barrister & Solicitor
1 Royce Avenue, Suite 3
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 1J4

Rajneesh Kumar Sharda
Sharda Law
14 George Street North, Suite 201
Brampton, Ontario
L6X 1R2

H. John Kalina
Law Office of H. John Kalina
197 County Court Blvd., Suite 304
Brampton, Ontario
L6W 4P6

Alan M. Buchanan
Alan Buchanan
268 Main Street North
Brampton, Ontario
L6V 1P5

Raj Napal
Napal Law Office
257 Main Street North
Brampton, Ontario
L6X 1N3

From what i have found as information, these are the best, and most of them deal with different law issues (administrative, criminal, business, immigration ...). Hope this will help you!