Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to Become a Lawyer

You want to know how to become a lawyer? Here are the steps and education needed to become a real lawyer!

1) Your first need to have a degree in law. For this follow a 4 year undergraduate college course, and try to get a high GPA, grade point average. To differentiate yourself from other students, getting involved in extracurricular activities is a good solution.

2) Study hard and take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) exam which is necessary to get admitted into a good law school. Read many books to increase your knowledge, and watch videos (youtube for example is a good source), listen to audio files tand tapes. The grade you have at this test will determine your admission and in which school you will be admitted.

3) Apply to several law schools. It is recommend to apply to at least 5 different law schools, as you may not always get admitted to each college you have applied to tough competition. Make sure the law school you have applied to is correctly recognized by law firms.

4) Do well during your extra three year law course at your university or law school. As previously said, do extra activities, or get involved in associations to get some extracurriculars elements to put on your resume. Doing summer Internships is also a very good idea as it will allow recruiters to see on your resume that you already have experience and this will therefore increase your changes of being taken in a company.

5) Choose a specialty in Law (this is very important). Close to the end of your graduation, you should recieve a Juris Doctor Degree which will allow you to become a lawyer.

6) Finally pass an exam which is called the BAR exam for your state. Try and have a good grade as it will be on your resume.

7) Prepare and work on your resume to make it clear and attractive. You are now a lawyer!