Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to Become a Lawyer Without a Law School

In one of my previous posts i have explained how to become a lawyer using the regular academic process. I actually thought that this was obligatory in order to become a lawyer. When surfing online the other day, i fell on article where it explains that it is actually possible to become a lawyer without a law school. I was at first sceptical, but from what i read and have found out it is legit way to become one, so i decided to share with you the process.

First of all what you must know is that not all states offer this possibility. The information i will provide comes from Michael P. Ehline who managed to become a Los Angeles personal injury attorney without doing a law school. In fact in California, there are apparently only 64 people who have become attorneys using this method. Michael passed the Baby Bar Exam without having any higher education and passed the General Bar Exam without a law degree from a law school. The program which allows this in California is called the Law Office Study Program (LOSP). Doing this program is not easy but doable.

During the LOSP program, you will be working in a law firm with supervising attorneys who will teach you law in the office. Also you will have law attorneys and teachers helping you study for the Baby Bar Exam and the California General Bar Exam. Basically, you are followed by professionals who will help you learn the key elements of law in depth. All in all this method is a good alternative to the ABA traditional way, even though it might seem a bit more difficult to achieve.

Here is a list of States in the US which apparently offer this study program: California, Maine, New York, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming. The name of the study program varies also depending on your state.

For those wanting more details, please visit Michael P. Ehline blog, and contact him directly. He will definitely help you!